TradeWinds Wealth Management was specifically designed to assist families in taking charge of their finances and pursuing a work-optional lifestyle.

As a leading financial services firm in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area, we are proud to have partnered with the industry’s leading companies to provide customized solutions and top-notch service for our clients.

Our goal is simple - helping our clients to make smart choices about their money and feel confident about their decisions.

Navigating Financial Planning


The process is made up of three parts: an assessment of your tolerance for and attitudes toward risk; construction of a portfolio tailored to your needs and risk comfort level; and a financial plan that considers your long-term goals, risk sensitivity and portfolio selections.

Financial education for our clients and others is one of our top priorities; you’ll find that our explanations of complex topics are refreshingly clear and easy to understand.

This provides a framework for evaluating and testing decisions that impact your goals, allowing us to design a plan precisely tuned to your needs. With unconstrained access to a full suite of services and investment products, as well as insurance and long-term care, we have ultimate flexibility in the plans we create.