TradeWinds Generations Program

Age & Milestone Based Planning

This is a free program we’re proud to offer to our clients and their entire family tree in appreciation of their relationship with TradeWinds.

You can sign up to receive valuable and relevant financial information and recommendations right when you need them – because our emails to you will be triggered by key dates and milestones in your life.

Whether the calendar has you thinking about retirement, or a major life event will require financial preparation, our Generations program will send you advice and suggestions to help you plan and understand the impact – based on your personal timeline. With upcoming birthdays, you might be aging out of insurance coverage, or may become eligible for certain benefits or discounts. Or your children might be coming up on important financial milestones as they approach and reach adulthood. As part of the Generations program you will receive timely emails with information about all of these and more.

Includes Free Financial Tools!

Includes Free Financial Tools!

As part of this program, we will also provide you with a free tool called My Blocks, an online program that will help you identify all of your financial goals – and challenges. It also includes a library of videos on a wide variety of financial topics - all of them available to you at any time!

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Questions About Your Financial Future?

If you’d like to have a conversation about what’s on your mind when you think about your future – or the future of your loved ones – our experienced advisory team is ready to talk with you in complete confidence. Sign up today for a free, no-obligation meeting.

Many our clients begin their relationship with us by asking questions about their financial legacy. Because multigenerational family matters are so interconnected and require much care and attention, we welcome all client family members and happily provide discounted pricing to the whole group – while always maintaining strict privacy and discretion for each individual and never sharing confidential information.

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