28 Nov
Tradewinds Wealth Management LIVE client training webinar


We will cover:

  1. How to register and log into Tradewinds website client portal and Schwab client account website
  2. Common errors made when logging in to either site
  3. We will take a tour of the Schwab website and learn how to see your account details, transaction history, trading history and where to see your most recent statements, tax documents and any paperwork needing your signatures.
  4. We will tour the Tradewinds wealth management website and show you where to access your account details, your document vault, and your financial planning details.
  5. We will show you how to access your performance reports, loss and gain report and your consolidated account report.
  6. We will tour the site for services, Generations program, event calendar and how to access past blogs, videos and articles posted to the site recently in case you missed something.
  7. We will answer any questions you may have that we missed!

Date and Time

Tue, Nov 28, 2023

10:30a - 11:30a PST




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